Lauren & Hardy – The Blowhards characters ”Noot” & ”Toot”

Blowhards’ playable characters are 2 airheads who just can’t seem to get along. they fight for glory and honor and other awesome reasons. But why are there only two?

Good question I say! The thing with Blowhards is that we wanted it to be easy, like super easy to get into on the fly. While we did get inspiration from Super Smash bros., that game is ridiculously hard to play against decent players who’ve played before. SSB have different characters with several abilities each and it takes a lot of time to actually learn the ropes. We didn’t want that for Blowhards.

We want all players to be able to jump into the game and just fight for what they believe. Be it honor or laughs. But we noticed our first character “Noot” seemed so lonely just being alone, so we gave him a buddy, “Toot”! At the least we wanted to have some differences for the players who favor tanking and the players who love buttonmashing. The character you want to play dictates your playstyle.

One of the characters in blowhards - Noot
Noot – Blowhards smaller character
One of the characters in Blowhards - Toot!
Toot – The big character in Blowhards




The descision to have a big and a smaller character came pretty natural. They of course have different stats that are based on their apperance. Noot is fast, agile and has a long range but not very strong shots of air while Toot is a bit slower, heavier, has a shorter shot reach but he packs a punch!

Who’s the best of the characters?

Us Babloonians tend to favor big Toot on smaller arenas and small Noot on bigger arenas for what may seem obvious reasons. But depending on how many players you are also matters. Noot is more mobile and can easily jump around and mess people up because of his long reach. But in a 1v1 battle, it all comes down to what character you’re used to.

We have spent many hours balancing the two characters to playstyle, size of arena and if you play offensive or defensive. And the fact that everyone in our team have different playstyles has made a huge difference to our game.

Just two characters are hard to balance, but if there were more of them it would be a whole other game. Our main inspiration for simplicity is Towerfall Ascension. Towerfall has one character with multiple colours, and you use power-ups and the level to your advantage.

Just because we wanted simplicity does not mean however that Blowhards has a low skill ceiling. On the contrary, we have noticed a big gap between players, their skill and playstyle. And we just absolutely love that!

How do you play?

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