Babloonians, the makers of Blowhards

I think an introduction is in order! We have been so busy making our game we never had the chance to actually tell you who we, the Babloonians, are. If you’re interested, that is?

Of course you are!

In this hour of writing this post we’re 6 dudes around the same age, between mid 20s and early 30s. So we’re a charming group of likeminded people with a passion for making games with the best of our abilities! And I say 6 Babloonians for the moment because we would love to have more people on our team with the same passion as us, and we’re actively looking!

The Babloonians:

My name is Wictor, but I also go by my internet and in-case-of-a-lot-of-other-Wictor’s alias “Chris”. I got the nickname from Winnie the Pooh’s Christopher Robin and it stuck with me, even if it’s kind of a long shot from my real name.

I am the current CEO of Babloon and the keeper of our studio as it is, and I do PR and music/sound design for our projects. I also have the least amount of of facial hair in our group, if anyone was wondering.

Luckily our project hasn’t required an immense amount of content sound wise. I’ve been able to balance the project work and the CEO stuff without any problems. The PR-bit is the most daunting work for me as part of the Babloonians since I’ve never really worked with it before Blowhards. We understand PR and marketing is something we all have to do. Even though I have taken responsibility of the planning and more administrative work around the actual marketing.

Babloonians CEO & Musician Wictor aka Chris


The Babloon designer and project leader is Mathias. He studied gamewriting and is the force of nature behind our projects. He’s also supposed to be our iron fist, even though I want to say he’s a real care bear. Mathias and our programmer Stefan works close and Mathias sees to it that the project and the assets keep flowing.

Mathias works part time here at Babloon but he manages his time for us both when he’s working from home and when at the office. Mathias keeps tabs on us all project wise and we look to him for deciding most design choices in our games.

The Babloonians designer Mathias


The Babloonians M.C code writer and asset assembling is Stefan. Stefan is a programmer, and very much a programmer. He likes to do things in his own technical way (and I am happily unknowing), but he does it with brilliance. He doesn’t care for the preinstalled components that come with our software so he makes his own. This is a tad more time consuming but as far as I know, they’re better than the original. Having a talented programmer is a blessing actually. Stefan works part time at Babloon, and we cherish every hour he can be of our service to us and our projects.

The Babloonians programmer Stefan


Max is the group realist and perfectionist. I think every group needs one of these, because the product becomes much better if it’s perfect, if you didn’t figure that out by yourself. Max also bring our characters to life with his insane animating skills. He’s clever and he pays attention to detail.

It’s fun to see how animations can make the characters form a personality and Max is, according to me, an expert of creating personalities with his animations.

The Babloonians animator Max

Concept/2D Artist:

Majk is the Babloonians’ concept and 2D artist. The projects usually starts with Majk being innovative and painting stuff. We all seem to love it and from there it starts. He also has the biggest beard in our team. Our sweet Babloon logo and the name also came from Majk when he was doodling some different ideas for our company name.

The first picture wasn’t the balloon holding baboon you can see today but actually a baboon with two balloons in the place where his butt would be. It was awesome, but we decided on a more professional logo after a while.

He’s also very modest, and he doesn’t really look like his profile picture.

The Babloonians 2D and concept artist Majk

3D Artist:

There are three graphic designers working in our group. The last of the Babloonians up is our 3D artist Daniel. He is our sarcastic american-swedish modelling guy who loves to pull jokes that might or might not be funny. It depends on your humour really. Interact at your own risk.

Daniel is the asset machine at Babloon Studios. He puts a lot of soul into his work, both models and particle effects. We have put him on shader duty as well and our first game “Blowhards” got a real face lift thanks to this. If you don’t know what a shader is; it’s sort of lighting and how the lighting reacts to the materials in the game. This is how we got a “cartoony” look in Blowhards!

The Babloonians narcissist Daniel. And he does 3D as well

All of us Babloonians own equally much of our dear company. Even though we are good at working with each other we can always be better. I think that applies to a lot of groups. We have a goal, a dream and we’re steadily working together towards awesomness, both for your sake (the player) but also for our own!

First concept of our Babloon logo!

This was the doodle that Majk made. That turned out to be our company name. Thank you Majk!

Just give us a shout if you’re wondering about anything, really!

Work together


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