Once Upon A Time – how Babloon Studios started

Babloon Studios
Babloon Studios first project Blowhards

The six of us at Babloon Studios all come from the same University where we studied Computer game development. The six of us have been studying different orientations for development. The six of us includes a designer, a concept artist, a 3D artist, an animator, a sound guy and last (but not least) a programmer. We are pretty sure we can make good games, but selling them is a whole other story.

Introducing Babloon Studios ”Blowhards”

Our first project “Blowhards” has taken about 8 months of development time (full time), but we’ve been working on it for more than 1.5 years part time while at the same time finishing up our education, working part time and generally doing a lot of stuff beside our development. I’m gonna remember to show some images or videos of how Blowhards used to look early alpha but trust me, it’s not pretty. But then again, what early alphas are?

At the same time we were lucky enough to get help from the local incubator in town to help us get the show on the road and to help our development. We’ve been to some fairs and conferences, and everything has been new to us business wise. All of it has been great and at the same time horrifying. All of us just wanted to make games. Is that too much to ask for?

Yes. For a start up company without any previous experience in the business it is a lot to ask for. What we didn’t understand when making our precious little game was how to sell it. Because as you might suspect, as a business you have to sell your product to survive. Period. And that stuff is really hard.

Our goal for Blowhards was not to become rich and live on a tropical island somewhere, but to actually make a game people would enjoy. It was, even though, supposed to be a commercial product no doubt. We wanted a big community and players who loved our game. We are still working on finding these people, and we’ve found some players who we hold dear in our community, but we want to find them all! This is our biggest hinderance; “Reach”. What to do?
/Chris, Babloonian


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